Extension Education Association-Burleson County

Texas Extension Education Association Clubs participate in community services that improve family and community as well as personal leadership development of club members. TEEA Clubs provide a means for members to acquire information and develop skills for making their homes, community, and county better places to live.

Yearly events include: Cultural Arts, County Banquet, District & State Conferences.

Burleson County EEA Yearbook 2023-2024

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EEA Clubs & Contact Information:

  • Lyons Extension Club
    • President- Peggy Robinson   (979)200-9227
  • Snook EEA Club
    • President- Michelle Zuckert (619)366-7738
  • Snook TEEA Travel Club
    • President- Karen Gaas   (979)406-2569
  • Burleson EEA Council
    • President- Ann Sebesta   (210)244-3362


EEA Events:

Omtae Honey’s Presentation on Honey


Also upcoming is information about:

*our booth at the 2024 Kolache Festival,

*we hope to have new details for the September meeting,

*links to our participation in Brazos Valley Gives,

*2024 National Night Out (with registration forms for non-profits) Oct 1,

*and we are already planning our New Years Eve Scholarship Fundraiser Dance.

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