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Burleson County Extension Office
Burleson County was created in 1846 from Milam and Washington Counties.  The
county was named for Edward Burleson, a hero of the Texas Revolution.
Its county seat is Caldwell, which is the agribusiness center of the
area.   Land uses in Burleson County are Traditionally Texas: cotton,
corn, grain sorghum, soybeans, watermelons and cattle grazing.

Burleson County, composing an area of 666 square miles, is located in
the Brazos River Basin in Southeastern Central Texas.  The county is
located 25 miles west of Bryan and College Station, 80 miles east of
Austin, 80 miles south of Waco, 100 miles northwest of Houston, 140
miles northeast of San Antonio and 160 miles south of Dallas and Fort
Worth providing this agriculturally based county an excellent strategic
site within the population triangle, which accounts for two-thirds of
Texas population.

Oil and gas is the number one source of income in the county.
Agriculture, with an annual income of more than $30 million annually,
ranks second in gross income.  Twenty-seven percent of the county is
employed in some area of agriculture.  Tourism is also a large industry
in Burleson County with Lake Somerville providing opportunities for
hunting, fishing, boating and other forms of recreation.

Demographically, projections for Burleson County in the year 2000 shows
an anticipated increase.  In 1996 its population was 15,192, and the
prediction for 2000 is 15,814.  The largest age group is 18-64, not
unlike many counties throughout Texas.

Burleson County Per Capital Personal Income in 1996 was $16,121.
Burleson ranked 177th in the state and was 72 percent of the state
average.  Twenty-two percent of the county population earn income below
the poverty level.

The educational census in 1994-95 showed that there was 3,174 youth with
97% enrolled in public schools.  58% of the population over 25 years of
age had a high school education and 9.5% had a college degree.

Burleson County, like other Texas counties, is concentrating on growing a
strong educational system and developing a strong economy that will
prepare its citizens and its children for the 21st century.

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